The VOICE of "Out of the Desert Ministries"

Stones of Fire

I Cor. 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Living God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

We are the Temples of the Living God and the Spirit of God dwells in us! The Lord is crying out to His Remnant today. I hear the Lord say that He is Building up His Kingdom and He is not using mortar, brick, or stone. He is building it with Lively Stones! Stones of Fire! These are Living Breathing Tabernacles of the Living God and He is preparing us for a Move of God that shall sweep the Nations in the Fire and Power of His Spirit as never before!

These stones are alive says the Lord because the Life and Light of My Son Lives and Dwells full in them. He is Life! I am a Consuming Fire says the Lord and My Fire is rising up in them. I shall send them forth into the four corners of the earth and I shall consume the enemy’s hold on My people. My Fire burns in them and these Stones of Fire are Aflame with the Fire of My Righteousness and My Love. I did not come to seek and to save the lost saith the Lord, but to call sinners to repentance. These Stones of Fire are Aflame with the Passion of the Christ. They are Christ-bearers. They are Remnant Warriors. I am the Lord Mighty in Battle. I shall use them to snatch my children out of the enemy’s camp for they are POW’S. They shall be freed from the captivity that has kept its grip on them. My Son led captivity captive and gave gifts to men.

I am releasing gifts in this hour; miracles, signs, and wonders shall follow them because they believe. The Greater works I shall perform through those who have surrendered all unto Me. The Remnant are My Stones of Fire! My Fire goes before them and My Flame follows them to ignite Fires that cease not. As My seed Remains in them, so shall My Fire be not quenched. As in the days of old, the fire on the altar burned day and night and was not allowed to go out, so shall it be with My Remnant. A fire is rising up in My people. It shall burn day and night. It shall not go out. It cannot be quenched. Can I be quenched? That Fire is Me burning on the inside! For it is the Fire of My Holiness; the Fire of My Righteousness in the Strength of My Love. (Eph. 4:8; Lev. 6:9; 12; 13)

Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. (Jer. 16:16)

I have sent out fishers saith the Lord. But, many of My fishermen have taken rest in the work that I commanded them to do. They sit on the banks of rivers, oceans, and seas waiting for the fish to come. They say, I will take my leisure. They do not heed the signs. They do not hear the battle cry. The Trumpet has sounded. Now, I am sending forth My hunters. My Remnant Seed. Stones of Fire! They shall go into the highways and by ways. They will go for Me… for Me… for Me! Not for vainglory, for the accolades of man, for filthy lucre. They shall hunt my lost ones from every mountain, and every hill, from the valleys and dales. I shall also send them to deserts and wastelands and places the fishers would not go, even beneath rocks I shall send them: from the place to the prisons, from the mansions to the huts My Remnant shall go and set captives free.

I am enlisting My Remnant Warriors in the Army of the Living God. They understand the mission. The Remnant understand that they are not battling flesh and blood. They are not entangling themselves with distractions and diversionary tactics of the enemy. They desire to please their Father who has chosen them to be soldiers. Therefore, endure hardness as a good Soldier of Jesus Christ. (II Tim. 2:3-4) I am strengthening, proving, and building up My Lively stones for they are surrounding the Chief Stone of the Corner, the Stone that the builders rejected.

These Temples are not made by man’s hands. The Remnant have been set apart by Me for this time. They are not made of mortar, brick, or stone. They are Stones of Fire; they are Lively Stones gathered around My Son. The Lord of Host is His Name. And the Lord shall utter His voice before His army: for His camp is very great: for He is strong that executes His Word: for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible and who can abide it? (Joel 2:11)

I have sounded the Trumpet! My Remnant in the four corners of the earth, those Stones of Fire hear the call to service! To those that have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, I shall sweep the Nations in the Fire and Power of My Spirit as never before through Stones of Fire!

The Word as it came from the Lord to Apostle Chai Yehovah on May 18, 2011 (5:00 am)

RETRACTION: I do not write; the Lord writes. Yes, the Lord has given me a gift of writing, but it has gone beyond the gifting. The Lord has been extremely kind to me. I am a Scribe of Righteousness (the Lord’s Words); for Truly it is Him, a Holy and Righteous God, and not me. He speaks and I type or write! I don’t add or take away one word from what He has spoken. Sometimes, I may make a typographical error and find it later. But, I dare not change one word or try to add to it. How can flesh add to God or improve upon God? How arrogant and prideful that would be for I or anyone else to think or believe that we can improve upon God. When I say retraction, I mean that this is to retract anything said or believed regarding what ‘The Lord is speaking to His people at this time through me; implying in any way that I am the author or co-author! The devil is a liar! God does not need me to co-author or improve upon Him. The devil is a liar. All Glory belongs to God and I give God all of the Glory. What is written is not ‘inspired’ writings because I love God and I feel inspired to write something. Nor are they inspired writings of God. These are writings that are Spoken by God to His people and in those moments, I am a scribe/a secretary for God to write exactly what He says, how He says it, and how He wants to say it.

These are Words from the Lord to His People! I do not have Ownership of them. I am a Servant and it is an Honor and a Priviledge to Serve Him or be used by Him in any way at all! It is most humbling. These words of the Lord belong to God. He sent them forth. If at any time you feel that they would benefit someone else and you would like to repost or use them in any way, please feel free to do so. I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know that they were used to bless someone else’s life to the Glory of God. But, it is not necessary. I pray that all that God purposed to do with this Word be fulfilled in Jesus Name and be sealed by His Blood. God bless!

Love you much… Apostle Chai Yehovah

Used by Permission

Apostle Chai Yehovah
Remnant Seed of Christ Church
New York, New York